Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Products (Compost)

Solvita Garden Care Test Kit

pr14With the GardenCare™ approach you can accurately determine how much organic matter in the form of compost to add in order to achieve peak fertility. In order to safeguard against immature composts, the test also permits maturity classification of of any compost that you intend to use on your garden.  GardenCare™ takes the guesswork out of caring organically for your soils.

 Includes: 2 low-level CO2 probes, 2 high-level CO2 probes, 2 NH3 probes, 15 pH test strips and 2 test tubes, instructions, interpretation and advice.

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Solvita Compost Maturity Test Kit

pr05The easy-to-use test utilizes two gel-systems that react rapidly to carbon dioxide and ammonia gas, changing colour in proportion to the concentration in the compost material. The results are read after 4-hrs exposed to the compost in a special incubation jar. A chart is used to determine the index from the two independent readings.

“6-pk” performs 6 double tests (6 CO2 + 6 NH3) and includes 6 CO2 + NH3 tests and 6 test jars.

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Solvita Compost Maturity Test Half Lab Kit

soonItem includes 25 full tests (25 CO2 and 25 NH3) (no jars).



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Solvita Compost Maturity Test Bulk Lab Kit

pr07Includes detector probes for 50 CO2 and 50 NH3 tests and color chart.


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Solvita Digital Colour Reader (Compost)

Solvita DCRThe Solvita DCR vastly increases the reliability, precision and functionality of Solvita Kits. The DCR is pre-programmed to read High-CO2, Low-CO2 and Ammonia-NH3 in accordance to measuring compost, manures, soil and grain. The DCR is both battery and USB powered. By using the USB port, the user is able to upload the reading for use in a spreadsheet or report.

The DCR comes 3 CO2 + NH3 tests and 2 jars.

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