Wednesday, February 21, 2018

About Us

MicrobeSmart was born in 2010 out of the recognition that the market was under-serviced in this area due to rapidly increasing demand and the supply of products that frequently had questionable efficacy, quality control, lack of scientific demonstration and background, and lack of clear modes of action and quantified outcomes. 
Ethical behaviour, integrity and science driven outcomes are key principles in MicrobeSmart.

Dr Ashley Martin, PhD

Dr Ashley Martin, PhD, BSc(For)Hons (Principal) and Dr Maria Manjarrez, PhD, MSc, BSc have over 20 years’ experience between them in agriculture research, production and microbiology in both the public and private sectors. 
Dr Ashley Martin, PhD is currently the is director of MicrobeSmart.

Dr Maria Manjarrez, PhD, MSc, BSc (for) Hons

Dr Maria Manjarrez has a PhD in soil microbiology with emphasis on the interaction between mycorrhizal fungi and plants at molecular level. Maria has published several scientific papers highlighting the importance of both mycorrhizal fungi and plants when establishing successful symbiosis to produce bigger and better crops. Maria has experience developing innovative methods for the study of microbial populations in soils and most importantly by adapting them to serve food producers.

Bradley Nott

Brad Nott is responsible for the marketing and sales of the range of MicrobeSmart products. Brad is a qualified environmental manager with a passion for sustainable agriculture. He draws on his knowledge and experience from working in business development  and certification in the organic industry.